( Version 2.1 2017/12)

1. Why applications have limited support for legacy operating systems ?

We strive to make our applications were modern and therefore we use the latest technologies. Many of them are based on platforms and mechanisms available in operating systems, so that our software is stable and compatible with a large number of workstations.

Some of these mechanisms is not available on older operating systems. We also can not guarantee that we will manage to resolve all potential problems on systems that do not already have the support of their manufacturer.

2. On which operating systems are currently supported REAL DATA applications ?

In the case of consumer applications we fully support installations on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Most of our applications, ie. Diving Assistant also requires installed Microsoft NET version 4.5 or higher (4.6, 4.7).

We have stopped testing applications on older operating systems, such as Windows XP (Microsoft has completed support in April 2014) or Windows Vista. We provide some older versions of our software to download, but they are no longer supported by us in any way. You must also remember that our new installation versions no longer contain .NET installation, which is built-in as standard in newer versions of Windows. If necessary, it must be installed independently.

3. How to check if my system would be suitable for the software ?

At the beginning you should always refer to the minimum system requirements. Very common our solutions are available in the trial version. To ensure that the application will work, you can free of charge download the demo version and run it on your computer.

The easiest way to check the version of Windows is to run the system tab in the Control Panel: Control panel > System and security > System or Configuration > System > Information in Windows 10. There you'll find information about the version of the system, supplements (such as. Service Pack 3) and architecture (ie. 64bit). The following sample information from Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Similarly, you can check the version of .NET. To do this, check the list of installed programs: Control Panel > Programs > Programs and functions or Configuration > Applications & functions in Windows 10. In the list, find Microsoft .NET Framework and check if the installed version is suitable.

4. Is the REAL DATA software is available on other operating systems ?

At the moment, consumer products are mainly available for the Windows operating system.

Professional products are also available on other operating systems, ie. Linux, Solaris, or AIX. However, they are very complex and dedicated to individual use of our customers.