Mobile Diver Calculator 1.0

Pocket Dive Calculator now available..
The application is available for Android devices on Google Play store. Quick download links below.

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Version 2.1 Beta 2 (Preview version) ready to download.

After a long and hard-working time, we managed to overcome the latest challenges with the new application version. The biggest changes concern the diving engine, which was entirely redesigned. We are glad to publish the Beta2 pre-production version. The Beta2 download link is now available.

Stable version 2.0.

The stable version 2.0 is available to download here.

About the project.

Each of us has a hobby. Besides the horse riding my hobby is diving. It has started with a trip to Egypt and Intro to one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Then came the time for the diving course and the first independent dive. In this way has begun a lot of people.
Although there is several programs on the market that helps to plan the dives, we decided to invest the time to create something new. The application has been developed to assist in the planning and in the process of diving training. The application does not replace the decompression tables or training. It is addition to knowledge and skills, additional facilitation. We give you this software in the hope that it will be a real help for training, simulation and planning of real dives. We also hope that in this way we will contribute to the reduction of risk while the sport of scuba diving.
We also offer support in the use of software and updates. We guarantee that every notification about bug or suggestion will be treated seriously and carefully analyzed.

Materials to download:

                 - Flyer
   Product sheet of scuba assistant Online   - Product data sheet
                 - User manual
   Installation manual for scuba diving software - Online   - Installation manual
   License agreement for dive software - Online   - License
   Download and purchase - Online   - Download Diving Assistant and try it for free

The application is designed to:

  • assisting in planing recreational dives,
  • support for dive training and refreshing of knowledge,
  • improve safety.

Main properties:

 Dive types
- multilevel diving
- repetitive and multi day diving
- altitude diving
- multigas/technical diving
max 100 m / 320 ft

max 3000m / 9800 ft
 Breathing mixes
- air
- nitrox (EAN)
- oxygen
- trimix

built-in editor
- safe stop
- deep stops
- deco stops

 Safety (basic)
- decompression stops
- oxygen toxicity
- gas partial pressures
- inert gas narcosis
- depth and time limits
- surface consuption rate
- isobaric counter-diffuction
ZH-L16 (variants A,B,C)

SCR,Rock Bootom
sat and shifts analysis

For a complete list of features of the software, see the link Software properties.

Dive planner: Tissue saturation Dive planner: Cylinder and blend editor Dive planner: Tissue range saturation Dive planner: Planner tab Dive planner: Inert gas levels Dive planner: Configuration

If you are interested in working with us or you have a dive shop or you are an instructor and would like to use during the training program, please contact us via the contact form: contact form. We offer attractive terms of cooperation. Actively popularize sport diving and we join in improving safety, because for instructors and dive schools we have a special offer.