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Due to work on launching a new product, the sale of old versions has been suspended. Until then, it is possible to test the application using the following code, valid until the end of May 2018.

Diving software is sold under the term of REAL DATA License for installation on 2 PC.
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Release 2.0 Current stable version.
Version 2.1 Beta2 Pre-production version.

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BASIC Licence.
Allows you to plan dives in the basic range of depth using air. This option is suitable for recreational divers with the basic certificates like CMAS P1 or PADI OWD.
Limits: Air, depth 20m / 66ft, cylinder 15l / 80cf.
Air diving
Depth 66 ft Air

 Price: --- USD 
Enriched Air Nitrox
Allows to plan dives in the extended range of depth using air or oxygen enriched mixtures up to 40%. This option is suitable for advanced divers certification level AOWD, P2, P3 or Nitrox specialization.
Limits: Air oraz Nitrox, Depth to 40m / 130ft , twinset 2x12l / 2x80cf.
Air dive Nitrox dive
Depth 130 ft Air EAN

 Price: --- USD 
EXPERT License.
Designed for planning of deep dives using Air, Nitrox and Trimix. This version has been developed for advanced divers and diving instructors. Instructors can use the software during training on a larger number of stations at no extra charge. For additional information, please contact us.
Limits: Air, Nitrox, Trimix,  depth up to 100m / 320ft, large breathing sets.
Air diving Nitroxie diving Trimix diving Depth 320 ft Air EAN TMX

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Properties / Version Basic Advanced Expert
Purpose Planning dive in basic range of depth. Suitable for divers with P1 and OWD certification. Dive simulations in the extended range of depth. Suitable for advanced divers with cetrification level P2, P3, AOWD, Rescue i Dive Masters. Deep dive simulations on air, nitrox and trimix. Recommended for dive instructors and advanced divers.
Depth limit
20 m / 66 ft
40 m / 131 ft
100 m / 328 ft
Multilevel dives
Repetitive dives
Altitude diving
Air diving
Nitrox (EAN) diving
40% O2
100% O2 (simulation only)
Trimix diving
Breathing set
15l 200bar
2x12l 200bar