Terms of Sale

This terms applies to online sales (the Store), owned by REAL DATA S.C. with its registered office in Stargard Szczeciński (postal code 73-110), Prusa street 10/1, number: 210975561, : Tax Id: 599-24-65-123 (hereinafter RD).
  1. General rules.
    1. Sales in the Store is implemented throw the following web sites and subpages (Sites):
      1. Website SCUBADIVESOFTWARE: www.scubadivesoftware.com
      2. www.real-data.pl/en/
    2. Buyer is obligated to read Terms of Use appropriate for these sites and follow them.
    3. Content of websites www.scubadivesoftware.com oraz www.real-data.pl are not an offer within the meaning of Civil or Commercial Code. Pleacing and Order does not mean the contract of sale / purchase and only make a offer to purchase by Buyer.
    4. The date of the agreement is the date of sending by RD confirmation of the order. Confirmations will be sent in electronic form to e-mail address specified by Buyer.
    5. All prices quoted in Store are gross prices and include VAT.
    6. Orders can be placed only through listed Sites.
    7. The price of the products pressented on the Store website at the time of the Order is the price applicable to the parties of the transaction.
    8. As a place of sales are considered Polish territory.
  2. Settlements.
    1. Payments for products purchased by Store can be in one of the following forms:
      1. Through the PayPal payment provider (www.paypal.com).
      2. By bank transfer. The account number is given along with the conformation of the Order.
    2. Accounting currency is Złoty Polski (PLN). Tax rates are applied respectively for Poland.
    3. Payment in any other currency is possible only through the payment provider. The conversion into PLN is made by the provider, in accordance with its conversion table. The payment operator may charge additional fees for payments.
    4. Invoices are issued on demand in accordance to polish law. Proof of purchase will be sent to the address provided during payment. Electronic form is permitted. RD may contact client via e-mail or provided phone number to confirm the correct address.
    5. Orders not paid for within 7 business days shall be considered null and void.
  3. Completion of an Order.
    1. Store performs only Electronic Delivery.
    2. RD starts completion of Order after confirmation of payments for purchased products:
      1. In case of payment operator, after receipt from the operator acknowledgment of transation.
      2. In the case of a transfer to a bank account after receiving the full amount on the bill.
    3. Delivery of products will be realized within 7 business days. Generally, we deliver products in 1 calendar day.
    4. Electronic delivery of License Keys or link to download the product, sent to e-mail provided by Buyer durring payment, is considered to be completion of the Order.
  4. Final clauses.
    1. These terms and conditions shall enter into force on the date of their publication on the website referred to in General rules.
    2. RD reserves the right to change these Terms at any time without prior notice to the user. Unless otherwise indicated, changes to the regulations come into force upon their publication.
    3. The user is obliged to track changes in the Terms of Use, Terms of Sale and content licenses on which the sites is made ​​available.
    4. RD reserves the right to close the Store at any time, without prior notice to the user.